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Francine 說菜: About

Francine Culinary Arts

Details ensure every dish we serve is an artistic culinary masterpiece.

Gourmet French cuisine emphasizes authenticity in every ingredient used. Original flavors are refined to bring out a rich layered taste that delights the taste buds. Therefore, every item on our menu is named after ingredients so that you know you are enjoying the most authentic and freshest seasonal ingredients. The dishes are also garnished with edible flowers and specialty seedling leaves. Cultivated by smallholding farmers, they not only add a colorful appeal to the dishes, but also enhance the flavors, such as mustard-like seedling leaves which pair wonderfully with scallops. “Not one missing leaf” is the axiom our chefs swears by in the precise preparation of dishes that are as beautiful as they are savory.

Hors d'oeuvre

Red King Crab, Avocado, Bell Pepper, Anchovy Cracker

Avocado and crab meat have always been a popular classic combination in the Western world; we have selected fresh and sweet Red King Crab from Hokkaido, Japan for steaming, added mashed avocado with green apple and sweet chili, as well as lemon and vanilla to enhance the taste and scent. It is finished with sweet pepper puree made from fresh red sweet pepper to balance the taste.



Beetroots in 4 ways, Burrata, Chives

European traditional beetroot tartare is cutting up salt-grilled beetroot into cubes and relished with sour cream; the head chef redesigned the traditional cuisine into an elegant version with a modern sentiment, where molecular cuisine culinary approach is used to turn beetroot into pearls and jelly, as well as various approaches to present any possibility of beetroot, including grill, stir-fry, and shaving. Burrata Cheese is further used to enhance the flavor. This is a cuisine intended for the head chef to show off skills. 


Asparagus Soup, Sergestid Shrimp

Spring is the season for asparagus and the season for capturing Sakura shrimps in the Yilan region. These two seasonal foods are combined to prepare the cuisine enriched with spring sentiment, as deliciousness should be as simple as this.

Francine 說菜: Services
Francine 說菜: About


Yilan Ayu Fish, Eggplant, Seaweed, Pomelo Miso Sauce, Chervil

Eighty percent of ayu in Taiwan comes from Yilan, with the main production season around May to October each year. With the inspiration from the Michelin famous chef-partner from Tokyo and the Taiwanese culinary master who enlightened him, the head chef fused French cuisines with Taiwanese ingredients and Japanese skills by choosing younger fish with relatively smaller fishbone. That way, the fishbone of the salted ayu is crispy and easy to consume after it is fried. The bold seasoning sauce made with citrus and miso is used together with the traditional baked eggplant mash.

Francine 說菜: About


By using light and aromatic fruits and vanilla to create a smoothie-like sorbet, the dessert refreshes and enlivens the taste buds, so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate the wonderful flavors of the main course.

Francine 說菜: About

Main Course

Giant Grouper En Papillote, Seasonal vegetables, Fennel

The famous fresh grouper from Taiwan is wrapped with paper. After it is cooked, an aroma of lemon with thyme bursts out upon opening, while the garlic is capable of eliminating the fish smell and preserving the freshness; a touch of refreshing fragrance is introduced when consumed with lemon, perfectly demonstrating the tastes of the food ingredients. 

Francine 說菜: About

Main Course

Iberico pork tenderloin, Serrano Ham, Cauliflower, Cheddar sauce, Pork Jus

Spanish ham is not limited to Iberico ham, but there is also another type of ham that is less familiar to the Taiwanese people, the Serrano Ham. Pork tenderloin is the most tender part of pork. Serrano ham is shaved and wrapped with Iberico pork tenderloin to undergo low-temperature cooking, which is then pan-fried until it reaches the ideal pink color.It is then consumed with broccoli after it is cooked, making it a Spanish-themed side dish with cheese sauce!

Francine 說菜: Services

Main Course

Prime Short Ribs, Mushroom, Nuts, Black Garlic Aioli, Redcurrant Jus

This is one of the signature cuisines from Francine Art; the short ribs are pan-fried first and then grilled before allowing them to sit. It is then operated in the following repeated steps: pan-fried, grilled, and then sit still to retain the meat juice and accomplish the ideal cooking level. It is paired with Hatakeshimeji Mushroom from Pingtung, which has a chewy texture. The black garlic sauce is made with black garlic, which is prepared by placing whole garlic in a thermal box for 15 days to mature, and adding egg yolk and spices. 


Mille Feuille, Genmaicha cream, Matcha, Roasted Green Tea Ice cream, Brown sugar

This is the head chef’s signature dessert, which differs from the Mille-Feuille filled with fresh cream in the past. This is a Taiwanese, Japanese and French dessert combination made with special attention as the head chef was deeply influenced by Japanese and French chefs back in his learning days.

The time and labor-consuming Mille-Feuille is sprinkled with icing and baked until golden and crispy. The green milk spread made from brown rice green tea, matcha, and cheese is then squeezed on.
The ice cream made with baked tea is consumed with crisps made using Taiwanese brown sugar and crispy traditional rice pops.
The abundant layers of taste and the strong flavors of tea, milk, and brown sugar fragrance will remain in the mouth for a long time.


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