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悠居蘭陽 - 秀琴阿嬤的畫: Welcome

Searching For - Lin Chia-Hung Solo Exhibition

Francine Art Restaurant x Donna Art

2021/01/27 ~ 2021/04/26

悠居蘭陽 - 秀琴阿嬤的畫: About

Donna Art and Yilan’s top French fine dining establishment - Francine Art Restaurant, have jointly launched the fifth exhibition in their collaboration, featuring artworks by Taiwanese artist Lin Chia-Hung. Lin is a gifted artist adept at analyzing the collective state of contemporary society from a bystander's perspective, exposing people's psychological conflicts. Despite the common praise of youth, Lin sees young generations who have a strong sense of self-awareness but cannot face the setbacks of reality. These thoughts derive from the appreciation of life and the hopes and dreams of a better life ahead.

悠居蘭陽 - 秀琴阿嬤的畫: About

Facial expressions are the focal point of Lin Chia-Hung's works. The exaggerated face and round eyes represent the diverse moods and expressions in today's society. Through the outfits, postures, and scenes, he infers on the identity and situation of the subjects in the paintings while narrating on the key issues of modern life.


About the Artist

Lin Chia-Hung came from a household dominated by male figures. Since young, he was expected to grow up to become a strong and fearless man. Of course, good grades and a respectable career path were also things he was asked to follow for a “perfect life.” “Becoming an artist” was totally out of the question. Lin Chia-Hung had to overcome many obstacles in life to continue his own path in life. Seeing that girls mostly do not have to shoulder the same tremendous expectations in life, are allowed more flexibility in career choices, and are not as shackled as men in emotional expression, he used the image of women as the object of emotional projection and candidly expressed the confusion, helplessness, willfulness, and perseverance on the road of life. After an insight into the ways of the world, the subjects consciously choose their posture while facing life.

悠居蘭陽 - 秀琴阿嬤的畫: Quote

The children in Yoshitomo Nara's paintings are skilled at conveying inner emotions through their eyes. The children in her paintings confront tradition and authority despite their diminutive size. Their eyes reveal their maturity and independent thinking. They are very dissatisfied with the world and have an attitude of going their own way. It is also a description of an individual's mind that is not understood by the outside world. Compared to Nara Yoshitomo’s retrospective use of childhood experiences and the contrast between the innocence of children against the clichés of the adult world, Lin Chia-Hung, the artist whose works are featured by Donna Art and the Francine Art Restaurant, attempts not only to reflect on personal growth experiences in contemporary society but also extends his art concepts to the future path of life. By using teenage and adult women as objects of projection, he interprets the various life choices faced by men and women nowadays, from studying, marriage, the future, to the distance between the outside world and themselves. This profoundly personal exploration is an attempt by Lin Chia-Hung to search for self-positioning in today’s society and express a common issue and sentiment in social groups today.


In this collaboration between Donna Art and a top art & dining establishment, the combination of Toucheng’s historical sites, old streets, and fine dining with top contemporary art pieces to bring out the elegance in life aesthetics. This exhibition is the fifth joint exhibition by Donna Art and Francine Art Restaurant. By featuring various contemporary works, it is hoped that the art scene at the core of the Lanyang Plain will be stimulated, thereby increasing the appreciation of the beauty in life and interest in art collections and revitalizing the local art market. This collaboration provides a platform and opportunity for outstanding works by local and international artists to be featured in a partnership with Francine Art Restaurant to create an aesthetic space that combines art, fashion, humanities, and great food, creating an extraordinary full sensory experience!



Duona Art was established in July 2016 and mainly features contemporary art. Its business scope includes art brokerage, art exhibition collection advisory services, artwork loan recommendations and other art-related services. It aims to provide useful information to white-collar workers and the general public, whether art merchandise, sculptures, oil paintings, and composite mediums, etc. The company provides art brokerage and promotion services for artists. It also offers systematic art collection consulting services for art collectors. We assist artists and collectors in establishing their own investment in arts, improving personal taste, and establishing a collection system based on a more comprehensive and transparent appraisal and market information. Donna Art is owned by a veteran art collector who is very passionate about contemporary art. In addition to often publishing his ideas on art investment and collection in the media, he is also happy to share his unique insights on artistic creations with artists and collectors in the art industry. 

Past Exhibitions

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