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At Francine Art Resturant

The fusion of old and new means heritage and innovation in equal measure. We’ve combined the shared memories of Toucheng with fine dining. On a foundation built on art, we nourish this land with the seeds of beauty

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The Lanyang Plain has a one-of-a-kind cultural landscape scattered among mountains, rivers, and the sea. It is difficult to appreciate its beauty unless you experience it for yourself.

In its heyday, Toucheng Old Street in Yilan was a symbol of prosperity and wealth.  Shiyun Lake was an important inner port key to Toucheng’s success. Goods in and out of Toucheng were all loaded and unloaded here; the harbor was dotted with travel inns and buzzing with business activity. Businesspeople, politicians, and the literati would all converge here.

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“Lu Family Residence” was once the most opulent mansion in the whole Lanyan Plain. Back then, a popular saying goes “Even if you’re as rich as the Lu’s, you still don’t have a house like the Lu’s. ”

Immediately adjacent to the Lu Family Residence was once considered the most resplendent guest house in all of Lanyang. It was a private club and guest house of the Lu family, and locals would call it “Toucheng’s own White House.” 

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In a chance encounter, Francine Art Restaurant's current owner happened upon this building and was immediately attracted to this Baroque-style architectural gem. A passionate lover of history, historical relics and local culture, the owner wanted to retain important local memories and historical sites and to pass on “beauty” to future generations.

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The exterior façade remained unchanged. Even the retro floor tiles were kept to present key imprints of days past.  The original peacock-style folding screen was transformed into a wall painting  Antique collections acquired during the owner’s wide travels around Europe, including lighting, furniture, and a pipe organ embellish the interior space with a touch of heritage and cultural refinement.  The original carved elements are further extended with European elements to endow an enhanced three-dimensional visual effect on the façade, an example of the fusion of heritage with innovation.

Thanks to renowned interior designer Robert Lee's raw talent, who transformed the owner’s vision into reality by searching for inspiration through his travels. Historic memories have been retained through his thoughtful design.

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Even though the building has faded over time, years will not erode its beauty, and what remains behind is the building's important historical memories.

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