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Francine 說菜: About

Francine Culinary Arts

Details ensure every dish we serve is an artistic culinary masterpiece.

Gourmet French cuisine emphasizes authenticity in every ingredient used. Original flavors are refined to bring out a rich layered taste that delights the taste buds. Therefore, every item on our menu is named after ingredients so that you know you are enjoying the most authentic and freshest seasonal ingredients. The dishes are also garnished with edible flowers and specialty seedling leaves. Cultivated by smallholding farmers, they not only add a colorful appeal to the dishes, but also enhance the flavors, such as mustard-like seedling leaves which pair wonderfully with scallops. “Not one missing leaf” is the axiom our chefs swears by in the precise preparation of dishes that are as beautiful as they are savory.


Lobster Lemon Jelly, Sergestid Shrimp Bonito Tart, Monkfish Liver Pâté & Anchovy Cracker

Culinary ingenuity is demonstrated in this appetizer through the clever use of cooking techniques and seafood ingredients to create a multi-layered French appetizer Amuse Bouche. First, thin jelly made from fresh lemons, which pairs well with any seafood dish, is used to wrap lobster dumplings, and then in-season fresh and fatty bonito and sakura shrimp (sergestid shrimp) are added onto a tart. Lastly, the liver of the anglerfish, often known as the “foie gras of the seabed,” is made into a mousse, which goes perfectly with anchovy biscuits.


Hot Appetizer

Monkfish, Green Apple, Pickled Zucchini,
Radish, Chorizo Sauce

You may not be familiar with the anglerfish that inhabits the bottom of the deep sea. However, the iconic lantern fish in the cartoon "Finding Nemo" must be something familiar to you. In the Kanto region in Japan, anglerfish are regarded as one of the foremost delicacies in the world. There is even a saying that goes "pufferfish in the west and anglerfish in the east." Prepared using traditional European cooking methods, the delicate and gelatinous fish fillet is paired with a sauce made from Spanish chorizo and accompanied with refreshing zucchini vinegar and sweet and sour apples for a perfectly balanced flavor.


Chestnut Soup, Foie Gras, Milk Jelly, Chives

Classic chestnut soup (Velouté de Châtaignes) is a classic French dish. It is the most popular regional soup dish in Aquitaine, France due to the large number of sweet chestnuts grown here. We retained traditional soup-making methods paired with sautéed fat and tender duck liver sprinkled with fresh chives and silky white milk jelly on the side. When the hot chestnut soup is poured into the soup plate, the jelly will melt into the milk and infuse with the chestnut soup into one creamy and delicious soup.

Francine 說菜: Services
Francine 說菜: About


Winter Black Truffle, Truffle Mayonnaise,Sous Vide Egg, Vegetables

Truffles and eggs have always been an inseparable pair in Western cuisine . With the year-round changes in cold and warm weather, black truffles can be divided into three categories. They are not only different in taste and quality, but also price. Black truffles harvested in winter are the most flavorful and most expensive variety of black truffles. Our chef envisaged a truffle-and-egg dish paired with the pure and simple flavors of fresh vegetables to fully bring out the aromatic notes of this classic dish.

Francine 說菜: About


By using light and aromatic fruits and vanilla to create a smoothie-like sorbet, the dessert refreshes and enlivens the taste buds, so that you can fully enjoy and appreciate the wonderful flavors of the main course.

Francine 說菜: About

Main Course

Lamb Boneless Short Loin, Mint &Pea Purée, Garlic Sauce, Hawaii Black Salt, Lamb Jus

The whole dish is designed with sugar snap peas as the main culinary theme. Rack of lamb is a less common part of lamb not often featured in Western restaurants in Taiwan. It is harder to get hold of and requires some processing skills. The upper and lower sides of the spine are opened to obtain the loin and tenderloin cuts, which are then sautéed in nut oil until the lamb is golden and crispy. The meat is then grilled until the center is perfectly pink. The final result is sprinkled with Hawaiian volcanic black salt and pesto sauce before serving.

Francine 說菜: About

Main Course

Charcoal Smoked Prime Short Ribs,
Onion, Black Sesame Paste, Beef Au Jus

The steak is first placed in an airtight room and smoked with thick smoke of longan wood, walnut wood, charcoal, and spices for 2 hours, and then grilled with charcoal to perfect tenderness. Enjoy the delectable flavors and aroma of flame roasted steak in every bite! Paired with our unique homemade mixed-nut and sesame paste and sweet onion puree fried to juicy sweetness. The dish is then garnished with sour red currants, bittersweet sesame leaves and other seemingly intricate combinations for the perfect balance of flavor in your mouth.

Francine 說菜: Services

Main Course

Chef’s Daily Seafood Special - Catch of the Day (Limited Quantity)


White Chocolate Strawberry Cake, Chiboust Cream,Macadamia, Chocolate Ice Cream, Fondant Blanc Crisp

Despite the cold weather, there are always exciting things to look forward to in winter. One such thing is the annual strawberry harvest! This means the strawberry cake, so often featured in many romantic scenes, is here. The sweet and sour taste of this cake always seems to remind one of a blossoming teenage romance.  

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