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FAR will be temporarily closed in line with government advice to prevent the spread of COVID19.

Please take care of your own, friends, and family's safety.

For any updates or contact, please join the official Line (@159quqnf). 

Francine Art Restaurant is a 3-story food and art space launched in 2019. It is located on Toucheng Old Street adjacent to the famous Lu Family Residence. The crisp white baroque-style building is a gem of beauty passed down through history. After extensive renovations, the former “Toucheng White House” has been endowed with even more meaning.



Gourmet French Cuisine. Handmade by our talented chef.  Afternoon Tea. Enjoy some idyllic bliss in a beautiful setting.



Regular exhibitions of brilliant art pieces. Please allow some time to encounter art, indulge in the moment, and relax.



The beautiful things in life deserve beautiful settings. Accompanying the key moments in life

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Aesthetic beauty involves all five senses
Touch, Sight, Hearing, Smell, and Taste
At Francine, be inspired by the masterpieces in art and gourmet French cuisine. Listen to those lively tunes, and smell the rich aroma of great coffee. Taste the delightful silky texture of soufflé and the layered sensation of every bite.
Stroll amongst the elegant and resplendent artful spaces and bask in the understated luxury of a delightful afternoon tea.

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